Previous DIDs

At a Digital Impact Day, students from different universities and a wide range of disciplines come together to work on a topic of a cooperation partner. After a short introduction, they work on the challenge in small groups with coaching and then pitch their results at the end of the workshop.

The idea of the Digital Impact Day is based on the concept “Skarpt Uppdrag” from the University of Midsweden. Find more information here.

Marcus Alexisson, Communication and Public Relations

SKARPT UPPDRAG™ changed everything for me. It has opened up completely new avenues and interests for me. More concretely, I got to know students from other programs. By extension, it took me to San Francisco, although it was just a stop on the road. But I really feel like I can see the world from completely new eyes because of these experiences.

Claudio Thumm, Bachelor student, Hochschule München

I really enjoyed the DID while working in an interdisciplinary, multinational team to innovate impactful solutions and expand my understanding of a sustainable future. I highly recommend this valuable experience to anyone interested in contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

Valerie Parzefall, Master student, Hochschule München

Former DIDs:

  • 26th of April 2023 with BMW-Foundation from Munich and the expert panel containing Verena Finkenzeller and Leah Becker (both BMW Foundation), Prof. Dr. Jessica Slamka, Prof. Dr. David Kostner and Prof. Dr. Verena Kaiser (all Hochschule München): 33 students from Sweden, Finland and Germany worked in 6 teams.
  • 23rd of November 2022 with ECO fellows from Tampere and the expert panel containing Rami Kotilainen, Hanna-Greta Puurtinen, Jere Siivonen and Silva Vuopponen:
    30 students from Sweden, Finland and Germany worked in 5 teams.
  • 4th of May 2022 with DIGG – Agency for Digital Government and their experts Therese Boija, Josefin Lassinantti, Theodor Anderssson, Evelina Mikaelsson, Ulrika Domellöf Mattsson:
    20 students from Sweden, Finland and Germany worked in 5 teams.